Welcome to the Parents of Middle Earth kinship forums!


Our Riddermark originated kinship was founded on the concept that family is the first priority and playing LOTRO is meant to be fun and relaxing - not another source of stress.  Even though we have now moved to Landroval we continue to stay true to this core concept. If you are a parent, older player, or partnered adult and need a mature network of players, look no further - this is your kin.  We welcome couples, single parents, alternative families, and grandparents. No kidding - this is a no-cussing, respectful, inclusive, supportive group of players - with fun, family-friendly communications.

If you are not yet a member of our kinship and are interested in joining, please review our kinship rules located HERE. If after reading our rules you feel you would be a good fit in our kinship, please use the “Apply to Kinship” option on the left side of this webpage. Don’t forget to type a message indicating that you are not a current member and are interested in joining. Please include general playtimes in your message so we have an idea as to when we can contact you in game. An officer will contact you in game as soon as possible regarding your interest. If our kinship is a good fit for you and vice versa, we’ll send you an invitation to the kinship in game and approve your forum application.


Once your application to join the forums has been approved, please take the time to click on the Kinship Roster tab and claim your character(s). If you do not see your character listed in the roster, this is because your character was not present in the kinship during the last character import from LOTRO. Imports are set to run automatically once per day, which is as frequently as the site permits.

Please make sure to update your profile name to reflect or include your main character's name so we know who you are when you post on the forums. If you prefer to use a different name for your profile than your main character's name, you can instead set the character you want to post as per guild/kinship site.

Here are steps to do so:
- Go to your Profile (click your profile name at the top of the page).
- Click on the Guilds tab.
- Scroll down to Parents of Middle Earth.
- From the drop down list titled 'Show Character Name on Posts?' select your main character.
- Click on <Set Character To Post As>.

After doing that, your character's name will be displayed ABOVE your profile name on all posts you make on the Parents of Middle Earth forums. Hooray!

NOTE:  If you do not see your characters in the list, please be patient and return at a later date when the list has been synchronized with the LOTRO server.  Any questions or concerns?  Please contact Cassoway, Geezo, Wulfgrim, Savine or any of our friendly helpful kin members in-game.  Thank you!